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That explains why he has made no attempt to see Felix since his arrest, said the lawyer to himself, as he turned away and hailed a taxi with the idea of a call on the charwoman.

Right, returned Lefarge, and, calling a taxi, the two friends were driven to the famous music-hall.

An excellent idea. I am sure it is much appreciated. But there was an unfortunate mistake about the message he sent me. It was making an appointment, and he did not turn up. I am afraid I misunderstood what he said. Could you hear the message? Perhaps, if so, you would tell me if he spoke of an appointment on last Tuesday?

That also, by the way, seems to show the deed was not done by Boirac that night, the Chief went on. Your point is that he killed his wife because she had run away with Felix. But if he came home and found her there, she obviously hadnt run away. Hence the motive, for that night at least, falls to the ground.

We walked about for more than three hours till it was near five oclock, an then we ad some more beer, an when we came out o the bar we stood at the corner o two streets an thought wot wed do next. An then suddenly Ginger lurched up against me, an I drove fair into an old woman that was passing, an nearly knocked er over. I caught er to keep er from fallingI couldnt do no lessbut when I looked round, Im blessed if Ginger wasnt gone. I ran down one street first, an then down the other, an then I went back into the bar, but never a sight of im did I get. I cursed myself for every kind of a fool, an then I thought Id better go back an tell Mr. Avery anyway. So I went to Fenchurch Street, an Mr. Broughton brought me along ere.

Yes, monsieur.

The only way in which he could ensure finding his hypothetical carter would be to send a circular to every employer in Paris. But that was too large an order.

I admit the evidence is far from conclusive, though it might be said in answer to your first point about the re-addressing of the cask in Paris, that such would involve a confederate here. In any case it seemed to both our Chief and myself that Paris should be our first point of inquiry.

Extraordinary! he cried, but here is a mystery! I never wrote, or sent, or had any knowledge of such a letter. Its not only a forgery, but its a pure invention. Theres not a word of truth in that story of the bet and the cask from beginning to end. Tell me something more about it. Where did you get it?

Yes, and to me it seems a quite sound deduction. Now, if that is true, it follows that if Boirac killed his wife, he must have travelled here to do it.

The girl shook her head.

I felt wakeful, and thought a stroll would be pleasant. I walked across Paris; to the Place de la Bastille by the rue de Rivoli, and back to the hotel by the Grands Boulevards.

There being nothing to keep him in Glasgow, the Inspector returned to the Central and took the midday London express. As it thundered southwards across the smiling country, he thought over the interview he had just had. He could not help marvelling again at the luck that had pursued his efforts ever since the inquiry began. Nearly every one he had interviewed had known at least something, if not always exactly what he wanted. He thought how many thousands of persons crossed the Channel each week whose journey it would be absolutely impossible to trace, and here, in the one instance that mattered, he had found a man who had been able to give him the very information he needed. Had Felix not gone in the bus, had Mr. Gordon not been so observant, had the circumstances not fallen out precisely as they did, he might never have ascertained the knowledge of Felixs movements that day. And the same applied all through. Truly, if he did not get a complete case it would be his own fault.

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You returned to your hotel, I suppose?

2023-05-29 19:37:26 [新疆网友]

Not at all. Where shall I send that list of casks?

2023-05-29 19:37:26 [成都市网友]

Well, I am greatly obliged for what you have told me, any way. Just one other question. What was in the cask?

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The problem the young clerk had to solve was threefold. First, he had to go to Fenchurch Street to report the matter to his managing director. Next, he must ensure that the cask was kept in the Companys possession until that gentleman had decided his course of action, and lastly, he wished to accomplish both of these things without raising the suspicions either of Felix or the clerks in the quay office. It was not an easy matter, and at first Broughton was somewhat at a loss. But as they entered the office a plan occurred to him which he at once decided on. He turned to his companion.

2023-05-29 19:37:26 [北海市网友]

My God! he panted. My poor Annette! Though I had no cause to love her, I did, God help me, in spite of everything, I did. I know it now when I have lost her. Tell me, he continued in a low tone after another pause, tell me the details.

2023-05-29 19:37:26 [河池市网友]

No, I cannot. You see there would be nothing to record it. We could not now trace the ticket he held, and there is no way in which the identity of our passengers is ascertained and noted. Speaking from memory, I should say that the date you mention is about correct, but I could not be sure.

2023-05-29 19:37:26 [庆阳市网友]

Thats my name, sir, I answered.

2023-05-29 19:37:26 [平顶山市网友]

Why dont you take it to some of the agents? She spoke frigidly.